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The 10 Scariest Movies On Netflix And Why You Should Watch Them With Your Friends

As the TV series Stranger Things fans will tell you, the show is not just about your run-of-the-mill missing children story. It’s chock full of references to real scientific phenomena like Cold War paranoia and government experimentation that left a lasting impression on the world. One of these references is an event called The Montauk Project, which is said to have been a Navy project conducted at a US Air Force base in Montauk, New York. A few years ago, Netflix created a documentary that investigates The Montauk Project. And while it’s not exactly what you might expect, it certainly is worth a watch.
10 Scary Movies On Netflix

Why You Should Watch Them with Your Friends

Top 10 Scariest Movies of All Time

Stranger Things Season 2 Review
If you are looking for a good scare, Netflix has got you covered. Here are 10 scary movies on Netflix that you should watch with your friends.

10. A Quiet Place

A family is forced to live in silence after a terrifying event. They must avoid being seen or heard by the monsters that hunt them.

9. IT

A group of kids are terrorized by an evil clown who lives in sewers but also feeds on blood via their blutooth-enabled Nintendo Switchcontrollers, which they use as weapons against the clown wigged murderer operating out of the sewers below their home.
The 10 Scariest Movies On Netflix

What Makes a Movie Scary

Why You Should Watch These Movies With Your Friends

Best Friends and Horror Movies
These are a few of the best scariest movies on Netflix. They’re known for their eerie and suspenseful scenes, which make them perfect to watch with friends when you have an evening when nothing else is happening.
Why should you watch 10 scary movies with your friends?

10 Scariest Movies on Netflix

We Are What We Eat, The Great British Baking Show, The Hunger Games

Best way to watch the 10 Scariest Movies On Netflix
If you’re looking for a scary movie to watch with your friends, there are plenty of options out there. Check out 10 of the top movies on Netflix right now that are guaranteed to give you the creeps.
2. It Follows
This movie follows a teenage girl who learns she has an untreatable sexually-transmitted infection that can target anyone she makes physical contact with, and then it starts chasing her.
New Paragraph: Here are some other scary movies from around the house that you can easily find on Netflix. These include “It Follows,” which follows a teenage girl who learns she has an untreatable sexually-transmitted infection and then it starts pursuing her; and “We Are What We Eat,” in which human flesh is forced upon someone by a group of people who must eat it for survival purposes.
3. Poltergeist
A family moves into an old house only to find out that their youngest son’s body disappears mysteriously and his soul takes over the younger sibling’s spirit in return when they try to see what happens
New Paragraph: Here are additional scary movies on Netflix like “Poltergeist” in which two children are possessed by the same sprit when they move into a
1. The Twilight Zone

2. The Shining

3. Escape From New York

4. Cujo

5. Alien

6. Saw

7. Nightmare on Elm Street -8. Jaws

9. Demolition Man

10. Evil Dead
Looking for a scary movie that you and your friends can enjoy? Here are ten of the best fright flicks on Netflix.
Why We Should Watch Horror Movies With Our Friends

10 Scariest Movies on Netflix That Will Satisfy Your Nightmares

Why Horror Movies Are The Best To Watch With Friends

10 Horror Movies on Netflix That Will Terrify You

10 More Horror Movies On Netflix, But This Time They’re Actually Good
Guilt/sins movies are one of the best ways to explore how guilt and sin work. They can be fun, funny, and scary all at the same time. Some of these movies are classics that you will love, while others are lesser-known gems that you will want to check out.
Why You Should Watch These Movies With Friends

10 Scariest Movies On Netflix

Realistic View Of Horror

Recommendations for Your Next Adventure
These scary movies make you jump out of your skin. The Conjuring 2, A Quiet Place, Hereditary, IT, Jaws, The Nun, Reality Bites, and The Shining are available online on Netflix.
What is the 10 Scariest Movies On Netflix?

The 10 Scariest Hollywood Movies

Why You Should Watch These Movies With Your Friends

The 5 Best Actors on Netflix and What They Are Up To

These scary movie list have been selected based on the reviews everyone’s saying. Some of these movies were classics while others were new releases that quickly became popular. No matter what type of scary movie you are looking for, this list has got you covered.

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