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20 K-Dramas With the Most Romantic Kissing Scenes

A list of the best romantic kissing scenes from 20 of Korea’s most popular drama series.
What is a K-Drama?

Best 20 Korean Dramas With the Most Romantic Kissing Scenes

What to Watch if You Like Romance in Your K-Dramas

If you are someone who loves romantic hugging, then you will love these 20 Korean dramas with the most romantic kissing scenes!
The 20 most romantic k dramas with kissing scenes

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Romantic kisses in movies

There are certain key pieces of a kiss that are essential for any great kiss. First, chemistry is vital for any film to be romantic. Second, timing is crucial in both celluloid and digital versions of your kiss scenes. Third, it’s important to really want to make the audience feel the kiss itself so they don’t miss out on all the love you’re trying to convey.
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Top 10 Most Romantic Kissing Scenes

Once you understand the different types of dramas that are available, you can find a show that interests you. They’re typically about romance and relationships, and they often feature some of the most romantic kissing scenes in TV history.
20 K-Dramas With the Most Romantic Kissing Scenes

What is a korean drama?

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What is a Korean Drama?
Korean dramas are a type of television series that typically features a love story between two people with different social backgrounds. They are usually set in the contemporary world and tend to focus on complex family relationships.

Types of Korean Drama
There are three main types of Korean drama: melodramas, historical dramas, and sitcoms
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The Most Romantic Kissing Scenes of K-Dramas

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En español: 20 K dramas con los besos más románticos
If you’re looking for some of the most romantic kissing scenes from Korean dramas, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our list of 20 kisses! We hope that these 20 best K-drama kisses will leave your heart racing and wanting more.
The Most Romantic K-Dramas

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The Most Romantic K-Dramas
Sometimes it can be difficult to decide which K-Drama to watch, especially if you’re trying to find some of the most romantic scenes. However, if you want to find some of the most romantic dramas, definitely check out these dramas.
What is a kissing scene?

The 20 Most Romantic Kissing Scenes

Why do people enjoy a K-Drama romantic kissing scene?

How are different kissing scenes produced?

How do we recreate these kisses for ourselves?

Want to know what constitutes a K-Drama kissing scene? Here we take a look at what exactly a kiss scene entails and why viewers are drawn so much to the show. We also explore how different scenes are produced in order to understand them better and how we can recreate these moments for ourselves.

korean drama kissing scene

Top 10 Most Romantic K-dramas Kissing Scenes

When you think of the best romantic moments in Korean dramas, these 10 scenes will make you want to cry and come back for more!
Falling in Love

The Slow Dance

First Kiss

Magic Moment

Ultimate Couple Goals

One Night Stand

Unforgettable Date

Surprised Kiss

Fishy Romance

Forgiveness Kiss
The most romantic kisses are in the beginning of a relationship and shows how real love can bloom. The slow dance scene, first kiss, that moment when Tae Gong Min literally falls in love with Bum Joon Myung are all beautiful moments to watch. But what if that’s not your style? Sometimes a good old-fashioned one night stand is just what the doctor ordered.

10. The Birth of the Nation (2015)

9. I Need Romance 2 (2014)

8. Ruler: Master of the Mask (2011)
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List of the top 10 most romantic korean drama kissing scenes

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Which type of kiss is the best for a relationship?

How to do a perfect kiss in Korean drama

Kissing is one of the most intimate things that two people can do. It’s a way to express your love for each other, and it can be the foundation of a strong relationship. Here are 10 Korean kissing scenes from Korean dramas:
1. In My Life, byuri and Yoo Seung Ho kiss in the rain (My Love From The Stars)
2. Cinema Verite – Kim Soo Hyun’s scene (Cinema Verite)
3. Naeil goes all out as he kisses In-Ha on the lips after his injury accident (Weightlifting Fairy Tail)
4. Love – Yi Soo and Hye Seong kiss while they’re waiting for the train to arrive, unsure if they’ll see each other again (Love Rain).
5. Along With The Gods – Jung Woo experiences supernatural powers, plays with ghosts in Spirit World, wakes up in hospital and sees Hae Young naked by accident (Across The Universe).
6. Memories Of Murder
7. Heirs
8. Moon Embraces The Sun
9. Take Care Of My Cat
10. Police Adventure
10 top kissing scenes from K dramas

What makes a sweet kiss in a K drama?

What are the best kisses for a K drama?

Do you want to kiss like the characters in these kisses?

There’s no doubt that a good K-drama kiss is a cherished moment that viewers can’t get enough of. Whether it’s a passionate, soulful kiss or simply a peck on the cheek, these scenes are sure to leave an impression on viewers. Here are 10 of the best K-drama kisses ever filmed.
2. Kim Pil Suk and Heo Jin Oh in “Secret Garden” embrace each other with the world around them collapsing around them as lights and sparks fall from their hands to their heartbeats
New Paragraph: There’s no doubt that a good K-drama kiss is a cherished moment that viewers can’t get enough of. Whether it’s a passionate, soulful kiss or simply a peck on the cheek, these scenes are sure to leave an impression on viewers. Here are 10 of the best K-drama kisses ever filmed: 2nd place – Kim Pil Suk and Heo Jin Oh in “Secret Garden, 3rd place – Yoon Shi Yeon and Kang Ji Hwan in “The Heirs”, 4th place -Kwon Hee Soo and Do Kyungso
Why are Kissing Scenes Important in K-dramas?

10 Most Romantic K-drama Kissing Scenes

How To Give A Romantic K-drama Kissing Scene

Some K-dramas have very hot kiss scenes, and they are often a big part of the show. This is often how the show pulls you into the story, creates tension and excitement and also helps to build character development.
K-dramas with the most romantic kissing scenes

Why are Koreans crazy about romantic kissing?

Kissing Scenes in the K-dramas you should watch

Your korean drama favorites with kissing scenes

Koreans are crazy about romantic kissing scenes in their dramas. This is evident in the top rated K-dramas on Netflix with many episodes having a romantic kissing scene. Korean dramas typically have more kissing scenes than any other genre of drama.
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10 Most Romantic Kiss Scenes

Benefits of K-Dramas

This list of the 10 best kissing scenes from Korean dramas includes the scene in Temptation of Wife where Jang Geun Suk kisses Kim Seul-Gi for the first time.