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No One Saw This Happen Not Even The Actors? Here Are 15 Romance Movies That Broke New Ground

Romance movies are often known for their beautiful music videos, unforgettable scenes, and sigh-worthy quotes. So it makes sense that they can also be a spring board for many a new story idea! Even though these movies have gotten old, they’re still worth watching just to see what the future of cinema will look like.
The Lover’s Dictionary

When Harry Met Sally

May It Be

Days of Heaven

Brokeback Mountain

Notting Hill

xtina taking on romcoms

What’s Your Number?

The Perks of Being a Wallflowe
Movies romance are some of the most popular movies of all time. Harry Met Sally, May It Be, and days of Heaven broke new ground in the world of romantic comedies, both in terms of their casting practices and the way they spoke to their audience.
The “First”


Romeo and Juliet

Gone With the Wind


The Graduate
Three movies that are often considered to be romantic movies, Titanic, Romeo and Juliet, and Gone With The Wind all came out in 1997. They tell the stories of love between a wealthy man and a lower-class woman, two young people who are forbidden to marry by their families, and a love for life despite war.
Romeo + Juliet: One of the first ever “Unrequited Romances.”

The Notebook: A new take on the love story, one in which the protagonist has a terminal illness.

The Fault In Our Stars: An amazing romance that is filled with hope and humor.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: Hilarious and brilliant.
Though both of these romantic stories are about unrequited love, the protagonist has different challenges in each one. The Notebook is a new take on the love story and focuses on the protagonist’s illness. In contrast, Romeo + Juliet is a classic story that focuses on two lovers who cannot be together because of social class restrictions.
The First Kiss in a Movie

The Movie that Ruined Romance

The New Romanticism

A New Day for Romance

There is no doubt that the first kiss in a movie can have a huge impact on whether you believe in love. It has been said to change how people feel about kissing altogether, and sometimes have changed the direction of films entirely. However, not all movies take this first kiss seriously. In fact, some movies were able to take romance in a completely new direction from past films. These love stories are often called the “New Romantics” when they combine elements of romanticism with science-fiction or fantasy elements.
What is Romance?

Acting couples

Why do Romances Die?

Love triangles

Marriage and Sex in Romance Movies: Five Different Types

This article gives an in-depth discussion about acting couples, why do romances die?, love triangles, marriage, and sex in five different types of Romance movies. This interesting piece offers a bit more insight into these topics than before.
New Ground

Best Movies by Rotten Tomatoes Score

Pre-Computer Dating Shows

Movies that Broke The Bell Curve (age at which they broke the ground)

Categories (romantic comedies, dramas, classics, etc.)

There are times when Hollywood must break new ground with their movies. The reason why some of the best movies by Rotten Tomatoes score are those that break new ground in terms of content, including “New Ground” and “The Squid and the Whale”.
What is Romance?

Screenwriting in the Golden Age of Hollywood

Early Innovations in the Romance Plot

How Hollywood Depicted Love

How Hollywood Changed the Status Quo

The Most Controversial Movies in Which Women Kissed Women

Best Romance Movies of All Time
You can subtitle the overall Hollywood films as the Golden Age of Romance Films. In cinema, romance is a genre that features a love story between two people who eventually get together and live happily ever after while falling in love again.

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