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20 K-Dramas With the Most Romantic Kissing Scenes

A list of the best romantic kissing scenes from 20 of Korea’s most popular drama series.
What is a K-Drama?

Best 20 Korean Dramas With the Most Romantic Kissing Scenes

What to Watch if You Like Romance in Your K-Dramas

If you are someone who loves romantic hugging, then you will love these 20 Korean dramas with the most romantic kissing scenes!
The 20 most romantic k dramas with kissing scenes

How to be the best kisser

Romantic kisses in movies

There are certain key pieces of a kiss that are essential for any great kiss. First, chemistry is vital for any film to be romantic. Second, timing is crucial in both celluloid and digital versions of your kiss scenes. Third, it’s important to really want to make the audience feel the kiss itself so they don’t miss out on all the love you’re trying to convey.
What is K-Drama

Types of Drama

Why Should I Watch Korean Drama?

How Can I Get Started With Korean Drama?

The Best K-Dramas to Start With

Top 10 Most Romantic Kissing Scenes

Once you understand the different types of dramas that are available, you can find a show that interests you. They’re typically about romance and relationships, and they often feature some of the most romantic kissing scenes in TV history.
20 K-Dramas With the Most Romantic Kissing Scenes

What is a korean drama?

Types of Korean Drama

Where to watch or find Drama Shows

How to binge watch korean dramas

How often do they air?


What is a Korean Drama?
Korean dramas are a type of television series that typically features a love story between two people with different social backgrounds. They are usually set in the contemporary world and tend to focus on complex family relationships.

Types of Korean Drama
There are three main types of Korean drama: melodramas, historical dramas, and sitcoms
What is a drama bl lip?

The Most Romantic Kissing Scenes of K-Dramas

Experimenting With Your Own

En español: 20 K dramas con los besos más románticos
If you’re looking for some of the most romantic kissing scenes from Korean dramas, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our list of 20 kisses! We hope that these 20 best K-drama kisses will leave your heart racing and wanting more.
The Most Romantic K-Dramas

Beginner’s Guide to Making K-Dramas


The Most Romantic K-Dramas
Sometimes it can be difficult to decide which K-Drama to watch, especially if you’re trying to find some of the most romantic scenes. However, if you want to find some of the most romantic dramas, definitely check out these dramas.
What is a kissing scene?

The 20 Most Romantic Kissing Scenes

Why do people enjoy a K-Drama romantic kissing scene?

How are different kissing scenes produced?

How do we recreate these kisses for ourselves?

Want to know what constitutes a K-Drama kissing scene? Here we take a look at what exactly a kiss scene entails and why viewers are drawn so much to the show. We also explore how different scenes are produced in order to understand them better and how we can recreate these moments for ourselves.

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