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Crunchyroll’s Newest Anime To Watch, “Cheer Boys,

Crunchyroll, the video streaming site known for dubbing English-language anime and offering new episodes of classic series, is adding a new show to its lineup: “Cheer Boys.” The 13-episode comedy follows two high school girls who join the Cheer Boys, an elite group of male cheerleaders in Japan.
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Cheer Boys is a brand new anime coming to Crunchyroll on October 29. It follows the story of two friends, one male and one female, as they navigate life together in a society that values appearances above all else. Fans of Bubbly high school girl protagonist Hinata and optimistic young man Tsukasa will fall in love with the series from episode one!
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Crunchyroll allows viewers to watch anime online as it airs. When did Crunchyroll start? It began in 2007 when Otter Media, The Chernin Group, and AT&T entered into a joint venture. How many subscriptions do they offer? They offer $60 per year or $6 per monthly subscription. Popular anime on the site include Attack on Titan, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, etc.
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Watching anime offers a variety of emotions. If you’re feeling down, watching an episode might help you relax. Maybe something relevant to your situation will inspire you or make you laugh. It’s difficult to pinpoint why people watch anime, but generally speaking, people can feel emotional connections with the characters that inspire these reactions.
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A slice-of-life anime that follows the everyday lives of the Sakamaki family and their small cheerleading club, Cheer Boys will make you laugh out loud.

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So if you’re in the mood for some good old fashioned American teenager antics and want to watch anime, Crunchyroll has got your covered with their newest release to the TV schedule: Grease.
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Crunchyroll is a US streaming service that specialises in anime. Try out Cheer Boys, their latest addition, with its varying characters and conflicts that keep your anime fix up to date.
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Crunchyroll typically announces new anime to watch every Wednesday. However, there are exceptions to this rule, such as when an anime airs on a different day in different countries or when an anime is licensed and released simultaneously in multiple countries. Sometimes new anime will be added on a different day for specific territories. For example, the latest episode of Black Clover just aired in Japan while it premieres monthly exclusively at Rooster Teeth’s SEA store.

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