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10 Movies To Fall In Love With

Sometimes we don’t always have time to watch the latest blockbuster or Oscar-worthy movie, so we turn to something more romantic and simple. This list will give you ten movies that are perfect for a night with your significant other.
The Notebook

The Fault In Our Stars


Love Actually

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Pretty Woman

Notting Hill

Wuthering Heights
If you’re looking for a movie to leave you in pieces at the end, then look no further than The Notebook. This movie is full of love and romance and will make you feel heartbroken when it ends. If you want a laugh, however, then grab The Fault In Our Stars.
10 Movies to Fall in Love With

Why You Should Watch These

The Love Stories Of These Movies
1. Just Friends
2. Across the Universe
3. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
4. Enchanted
5. Yours, Mine and Ours
6. Pride and Prejudice
7. Forever Young
8. The Black Pearl (novel)
9. Memory Lane
10. White Christmas
10 Movies To Fall In Love With

How To Fall In Love

All Things Romance:

What to do when you’re in love

Top 10 Most Romantic Scenes Eve
If you’re looking for a movie to fall in love with, check out these 10 choices. Each movie has amazing romantic scenes that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
10 movies to fall in love with

Best Movies to Fall For

Best Romantic Films

Movies Based on Love Stories

A list of Best Films Featuring Romance
Out of all the movies I could choose to fall in love with, these are my top 5 choices:
What movies to watch when you need romance

How the movies make you feel

Movies That Should Be Rerecs

When you are looking for a romantic movie to watch, there are a few details to consider. First, what type of movie are you in the mood for? Classics like The Notebook or rom-coms like When Harry Met Sally will make you feel intensely romantic and happy. Alternatively, if are in the mood for something more serious, try films like Slumdog Millionaire or The Fault in Our Stars.
10 Heart Wrenching Romance Movies

10 Heartwarming Romantic Movies

10 Romantic Comedies To Watch With Your Sweetheart

Whether you’re looking for a heart-wrenching love story or a lighthearted comedy to bring a little joy into your life, these ten movies are sure to hit the spot. From classics like The Notebook and Shakespeare in Love to modern favorites like The Fault in Our Stars and How to Train Your Dragon, these movies will have you falling in love all over again.
10 Movies To Fall In Love With

Reasons You Should Fall In Love With These Movies

How To Fall In Love with Each Movie
Here are 10 high-quality romance movies to enjoy when you’re looking for a good one.

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