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An Unexpected Twist To A Logical Horror Film

Here’s a twist ending that might surprise even the most logical of horror film fans: Artificial Intelligence!
How to use your blog in the production of a successful Kickstarter

How to market your script

Tips for indie filmmakers

Resources for indie filmmakers

The odds of being accepted into a film festival
Lots of film festivals are looking for films with a social message. Here is a short blog post about some things to keep in mind if you’re planning to enter a festival, as well as how you can use your blog to market your script and help set it apart from other films.
What is a Zombie Movie?

Why You Should Make Your Own Zombie Films

Why Some People Love Zombies

Types of Zombies

The Story of Dawn Of The Dead

How to Create an Indie Zombie Film

How To Get Into the Indie Zombie Film Scene

Where to Find Resources on Craft and Making an Indie Zombie Film

Zombie films are a popular horror genre that is constantly growing in popularity. The first zombie movie was created in 1932 and since then the zombie genre has become one of the most popular horror subgenres. There are many different types of zombies, some of which are below. Zombies can be created using either CGI or practical effects, but they can be found in both mainstream movies and independent films.
What Is A Zombie?

The History of Zombies

How Zombies are Portrayed in Movies

Why Are Zombies Scary?

Types of Zombies

Who Loves You More: Your Brain or Your Heart
Zombies come from Haitian folklore. In Haitian folklore, zombies are created when a person’s spirit goes to the afterlife and can’t get back into their body. When this happens, the soul leaves and comes back as an undead creature that eats your brains and feasts on your flesh.
What is a zombie?

How it relates to the horror genre

Underlying themes of zombie movies

A twist on the typical zombie story
Zombies have been a part of horror movies for as long as the genre has been around. They are typically defined as undead beings that are brought to life by a virus or other supernatural force. Zombies are often used as villains in horror movies, and their appearance can be used to scare the audience.
A Zombie movie sometimes explores the underlying themes of death and destruction, while others explore revenge or even redemption.
What is a Zombie?

What are the Types of Zombies?

The History of Zombies in Film

How Zombies Work in Movies

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What is a Zombie?

Types of zombies

Attacks and defenses against zombies

An Unexpected Twist To A Logical Horror Film

What is a zombie? Zombies are typically defined as corpses that have been reanimated by an unknown force. There are many different types of zombies, each with their own attack and defense strategies, and it’s important to be aware of zombie tactics if you want to survive a horror movie.
What is a horror film?

The Logic of Horror

How To Write A Logical Horror Story

Examples Of Logical Horror Stories

What is a horror film? A horror is a genre that often deals with the macabre and supernatural. It typically contains suspenseful elements, such as terror, surprise, and tension. What is a logical horror story? A logical horror story is one which can be followed logically without any supernatural or paranormal elements.

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