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8 Movies About War That Will Make You Want To Contribute To The Cause

Most movies about war portray the horrors of war and the destruction that comes with it. But what if there were movies that depicted some of the sacrifices and the positive aspects of war? These 8 movies will make you want to support your country’s cause.
What Movies About War are Good

8 Different Movies That Will Make You Want To Contribute To the Cause

Examples of Movies That Will Make You Want To Contribute To the Cause

Other Movies That Will Make You Want to Contribute To the Cause

Movies about war are powerful vehicles for storytelling. They can evoke strong emotions in viewers, and they can help to raise awareness about the impact of the consequences of war on society.
What is war?

How to think about war

Why some people might like war

How to help people who have been affected by wa
War is complicated, violent, and complicated. It is a battle between two or more groups that is fought for control of resources, land, or other strategic objectives. War has significant impacts on the lives of both civilians and military personnel.
Movies about war

7 films about war that are worth a watch

8 films about war that everyone should see

War films often inspire viewers to bring peace to the world. These films also show how much sacrifice goes in to making sure that we don’t have to go through war. They also resonate with us, because they are relatable and show us the consequences of our actions.
Why War Films Trigger Empathetic Response

The 8 Movies About War That Will Make You Want to Contribute

What Makes a Film War

Final Thoughts
War movies can have an impact on viewers, for example when they evoke an emotional response or in some cases cause viewers to consider contributing time or money.
The War Game

Apocalypse Now

Where Eagles Dare

Resident Evil

G.I. Jane


The Mission

Green Zone
1. Apocalypse Now is a movie about a soldier who goes on a mission to Vietnam.
2. Where Eagles Dare is a movie about soldiers who are sent to capture an enemy stronghold.
3. Sully is a movie about air crash involving an airliner and the evacuation of passengers from the water.
4. The War Game is a movie about a computer game that becomes reality.
5. G.I. Jane is a movie about a woman who becomes a soldier
What Makes Make War

Movie Critiques

The War of the Roses

Still Walking

Film Noir

No Country For Old Men


Life Is Beautiful
War movies can help us understand and sympathize with characters in uncertain situations, but the most important ones focus on the human cost of war. These movies teach us about the terrible things that can happen to soldiers, about how difficult their conditions are.
Watch movies about war

Learn the importance of participating in a global cause

See what the issue is

Get involved with the cause
One of the best ways to learn about the importance of participating in a global cause is to watch movies about war. Watching these movies can help you understand what the issue is and why it is important to get involved.

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