Fear of dancing is a personal feature documentary narrated and guided by director Michael Allcock – a self-professed chorophobe. Using a dry, humorous tone, Michael will dig deep into his fear by exploring the very thing he dreads…dancing. Why do people do it? Why does it make people feel good?

In contrast, Michael and the other chorohobes he meets along the journey will explain how NOT dancing makes them feel like outsiders in the context of the full human experience. To that end, Fear of dancing will explore dance from a unique perspective – from those terrorized by it.

Fear of dancing’s journey will explore the religious, sexual, medical, spiritual, artistic dimensions of dance as we crisscross the globe: from a strange and potentially deadly phenomenon known as “ghost riding the whip” in California to a Toronto barista with autism who can only perform his job if he dances to a small English town and its ancient, bizarre annual Horns Dance festival to a German town where, once every year, dancing is banned.