For 2,500 years, doctors around the world must swear the Hippocratic Oath originating from the ancient Greek physicist known as the father of modern medicine. By this oath, physicians promise to adopt certain rules of conduct: to know when to doubt, to always try to perfect their knowledge, and to never forget that a patient is, first and foremost, a human being.

Inspired by the six parts of the oath, this series explores the lives of six doctors, as well as their communities. Each lives and practices in a unique reality. From the emergency room in Rimouski, to the vital dispensaries of the Lower North Shore via Maniwaki and La Baie, Cree, Inuit and Franco-Ontarian communities, and going as far as Benin, Africa, these doctors are at the forefront of each episode. The doctors introduce us to the world of regional medicine as they address issues that are usually not known to the general public.