Et si JALions voir

Villages at crossroads

JAL represents the group of four parishes in the three municipalities of Saint-Juste-du-Lac, Auclair and Lejeune, which the East Québec Territory Planning Office threatened to close down during the 1970s. These communities have fought to exist. Forty years after these events, the same three villages are confronted with new difficulties. This time, the threat is more subtle yet threatens a greater number of small rural municipalities: local services are disappearing, young people find it difficult to stay in the region, the elderly are leaving to find support in the big centres, a low birth rate, and agricultural zoning is unsuited to the needs of the community.

Our villages are gradually depopulating and if nothing is done some could be soon nothing more than a memory. Taking a realistic and very personal approach, this film uncovers the challenges facing the JAL across four seasons. By following characters who are involved in the community and are worried for its future, and by delving into the daily lives of the people, we understand the great challenges our rural communities are facing.