War correspondances

Episode #1: 1914-1918, Ever Your Loving Son

This year marks the centennial of a war that is distant, not only in our memory, but in our comprehension. By bringing human courage, sacrifice and loss to the fore, through war letters written by young men at the front, we uncover the scars the Great War left on a generation. The humanity of these individuals is revealed in their personal longing, their collective commitment, and their unfailing determination. This remains long after the cannons have fallen silent.

Episode #2: 1939-1945, Carried on the Waves

One ocean carried men from the beaches of the Gaspé Coast to the shores of Normandy. For the men who survived,, these waves are a constant reminder, transporting them back to the horrors at Juno Beach, the destruction of Carpiquet or the suffering in the Polish POW camps. The few remaining veterans share their story with us, their letters from the front, though censored, reveal the distance between what they choose to remember and what they are unable to forget.