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Green at Home

Green / Lifestyle (7×30′ / HD)

Green At Home is a documentary TV series. It follows seven Quebec Families who are trying to adopt a ‘’greener’’ way of life, and to do everyday tasks in a more eco-friendly way. Each episode challenges a family with an environmental issue: from recycling and garbage disposal, water and energy saving, food waste, overconsumption and built-in obsolescence to gardening and local produce.

The families are guided with various experts to provide them, and the viewers, with the easiest ways of having a positive impact on the environment. Green At Home encourages viewers to make even small actions, that will encourage and promote sustainable living, with little to no sacrifice to their daily routines.

Language: french with english subtitles
Production: Tortuga Films
Broadcaster: MaCommunauté (Telus Optik)
Available territories: world except french Canada
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