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Health / Profession (3×30′ / HD)

For nearly 2500 years, doctors from all walks of life have been sworn in to Hippocrates, a physicist from ancient Greece known as the father of modern medicine. With this oath, future doctors have to adopt certain rules of conduct, such as knowing when to doubt, perfecting science and above all, never forgetting to consider a patient as a human being.
In connection with the six articles of the Hippocratic Oath, this documentary series presents portraits of doctors and their communities, each living in very different realities. From Rimouski’s emergency room to the clinics on the Lower North Shore, through Maniwaki, The Bay, the Cree, Inuit and Franco-Ontarian communities, and as far away as Benin, Africa, these doctors are at the forefront of each episode. They take us into the world of medicine in the region, addressing subjects or issues relatively unknown to the public.

Language: French
Production: Tortuga Films
Broadcaster: Radio-Canada
Available territories: World except French Canada
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