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Fear Of Dancing

FEAR OF DANCING (1X60’/1X90’ )

Feature Documentary

When you think of phobias, dance isn’t usually on the list.
FEAR OF DANCING (1X60’/1X90’ ) is a light-hearted
and humorous POV documentary about the paralyzing
fear of dance through the eyes of those that just can’t
‘get over it’.
We’ll meet the “Chorophobes” – celebrities and regular
people from all walks of life – and learn about the new
science behind this very real disorder, and how it’s being
Shimmy, spin & strut into the weird world of Chorophobia
– from Kenya to USA through Canada and UK!

Original version: English
Productions: Tortuga Films & In Sync Media (Canada)
Producers: Adam Pagot Gendron & Lalita Krishna,
Country of filming: Canada, United-States, Kenya, United-Kingdom, France
Broadcaster: documentary Channel
Territoires disponibles: World except Canada
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