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Social & Culture Documentary (1×60′ & 1×90′ / 4K.HD)

COASTERS is an award-winning HUMAN INTEREST documentary that tells the story of the people of the Lower North Shore, a remote region in Eastern Quebec, Canada. The community is made up of 3 distinctly different cultures that, over centuries, have learned to coexist in order to thrive.
To many, the members of this French, English and Innu community live in an unfamiliar cultural reality but they remind us that all cultures are fragile and need people who believe in them to survive.

Languages: French, English, Innu with French and English subtitles
Production: Tortuga Films
Broadcaster: Unis TV, TV5 Monde
Available territories: World except French Canada


Learn more:

Tuesday 20 august, 11 am: Film Festival Les Percéides – Screening in the Anse Beau-fils room with the director
Monday 16 september, 5 pm: Annual meeting ArcTrain 2019 – Screening in the amphitheater of UQAR (Université du Québec à Rimouski)

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